Non-judgmentally, I Can Learn To Pay Attention To:

What I’m feeling…

Can you identify the emotions you’re feeling? There may be several. What is
the intensity of your emotions? Have you felt them before? In what situations?
Are your emotions giving you any signals or clues about how you can get your
needs met?

What I’m thinking…

Can you tune into the messages and/or images of your thoughts? How do yourthoughts influence and interact with your emotions and your behavior? What clues do your thoughts provide you about your strongly held belief patterns, or “your story”? Are your thoughts balanced, limiting, accurate or helpful? Could you find alternatives for the thoughts or stories you may have outgrown?

What my body needs…

Can you use a mind/body scan to screen your body for signs that indicate areas of stress or injury? At what level are your signals of hunger or fullness? Are there indications that your body needs rest or relaxation, or does it need to expend energy through joyful movement? Which would feel better? and what fills my heart… How do you connect? What brings you joy, contentment and peace? Who is important to you and how can you tell them? How can you identify barriers to filling your heart? How can you advocate for yourself? What do you need?